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Banglore Tourist Destinations

Banglore, the capital of Karnataka State is one of India's most charming cities. Today, it is India's 5th largest city, the momentum of its industrial and commercial growth unequalled in the country. Aptly named "Garden City", it boasts of an amazing number of flowering trees and parks. With splendid pink cassias and golden acacias blooming, with jacarandas flowering in purple majesty and the gulmohurs lighting the roads with their flame-orange brilliance, the city is a sheer delight to simply wander around in.

Bangalore in Karnataka is one of the most beautiful cities in India. Also known as the Garden City, Bangalore is an IT hub and thus also known as the Silicon Valley in India. It is not only the gardens and its claim to fame as an information technology hub that contribute in bringing tourists to Bangalore, but also various historic monuments and a climate that has made Bangalore a year-round destination.

Bangalore is home to Bull temple, Iskon temple, Shiva temple, Venkataramanaswamy Temple, Gavi Gangadhareswara cave temple, and the Someshwara Temple. Bangalore also has the aquarium and the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium for the science freaks. For picnics from Bangalore Ulsoor Lake is the ideal spot. For the fitness freaks there are ample yoga centres in Bangalore. In terms of accommodation Bangalore offers state-of-art hotels and resorts. While on a shopping spree while in Bangalore check out the traditional handicraft items, like silk saris, intricately carved sandalwood items and tribal jewelry.

By Air- Bangalore has an international airport and is well connect with frequent flights to the major cities of India & world.

By Rail - Bangalore is a very important station on the railway network of Southern India. The city connected to major cities by broad & meter gauge.

By Road - Bangalore has a huge bus station, regular non stop & deluxe buses are available for every major city.

You can enjoy the garden city all round the year but the times are summers.

Visveswaraya Museum - Next to the Cubbon Museum is the Visveswaraya Industrial and Technological Museum named after the great engineer-statesman who led Mysore into the 20th century much before the rest of India.

Visveswaraya Museum
The Bull Temple - In this temple built by Kempe Gowda the object of veneration is a magnificent Nandi, 15 feet tall and over 20 feet long. In Nov/Dec every year, when the groundnuts have been harvested, a groundnut fair is held near the temple. The first groundnuts are offered by the farmers to the sacred bull.
The Bull Temple
Venkatappa Art Gallery - Near the Museum is the K.Venkatappa Art Gallery which has a permanent exhibition of the works of the great artist, K. Venkatappa. The Gallery does much to encourage art in the state.
Venkatappa Art Gallery
Tippu Palace - Bangalore's Fort was built by Kempe Gowda and expanded by Tippu Sultan. Within its walls is the well preserved 16th century Ganapathi Temple. Nearby is The Palace Hyder Ali began and Tippu completed. Resembling the Daria Daulat Palace in Srirangapatanam, this summer palace has been constructed largely of wood and is famous for its carving and paintings.
Tippu Palace
Cubbon Musuem - The Museum is one of the oldest in India(1886). Antiquities from Mohenjodaro are a special attraction here.
Cubbon Musuem
The Cave Temple - Another temple built by Kempe gowda and known for its four monolithic pillars and rare idol of Agni, the God of fire. On Jan. 13/14th every year, the rays of the setting sun enter through the window, pass between the horns of the Nandi and shine on the Shivalingam, in a unique phenomenon.
The Cave Temple
Dargah Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan - This Cottonpet Muslim shrine is associated with the Hindu Karaga festival too. The procession annually visits the Dargah of this Sufi saint, Tawakkal Mastan, and his tomb attracts both Muslim and non-Muslim piligrims.
Dargah Hazarath Tawakkal Mastan
St. Mary's Church - This church is now a minor Basilica. The Virgin Mary's festival is celebrated every September with a procession that attracts people of all faiths.
St. Mary's Church
Cubbon park - Both worth a visit for its natural richness and the buildings in the park, this place is worth a visit. See also the section on Museums.
Cubbon park
The Dharmaraja Temple - This temple in nazarethpet is the starting point of the annual Karaga procession. The revered idols here are the Shri Dharmaraja Swamy, hero of the Mahabharata and Lord Krishna.
The Dharmaraja Temple
Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens - Hyder Ali laid out these famous botanical gardens and his son added horticultural wealth to them by importing trees and plants from several countries. The gardens today have over 1000 species of flora. The Glass House, modeled on London's Crystal Palace, is the center of attraction in this 2400-acre park.
Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens
Friday Mosque - The oldest mosque in the city is an imposing one. Tall ornamented granite pillars adorn the elevated prayer hall.
Friday Mosque
Banglore has so many options for restaurants and bars. The city has a restaurants of almost every national/international food chains like Mc Donals, Pizza Hut, Barista, Cafe Coffee, Wimpy's etc.  Other Restaurants along with their Contact Numbers are as follows:-
Amaravathi Restaurant - 45/3 Residency Road Cross. Phone: 25913718 ,
Bheema's, Church Street. Phone: 2558-7389
Gongura's Group of Restaurants - Airport Road. Phone: 2526-9419
Gongura's - 100 Feet Road, Koramangala. Phone: 2552-5944
Maurya Andhra Style Restaurant - JC Road. Phone: 2670-9222
Nagarjuna Residency, Residency Road. Phone: 2591-3717
Nakshara, 27, Lady Curzon Road. Phone: 2559-0777
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