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Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide Escort Services
Guide is person, who helps you to see the things better.
Guide is person, who represents the country as an ambassador to the tourist.
(Here one concept comes – Local guide – Means the person knows the city well & authorized by tourism department or Govt. of State or Union GOVT. of India. Accordingly they hold the license & identification card)
These local guides use to offer their services in that particular city only for which a tourist use to have the services.
Escort is person - A person who use accompany a tourist or group of tourist right from their arrival in country till departure. He is the person who uses to help the tourist or group of tourist in what to do and what not to do during the visit of country.
Some example – In church people are allowed with shoes, but in India ant Temple & mosque will not allow them to do so. In case of any tourist or group of tourist unknowingly enter in these places Local people may got angry.
This escort will co-ordinate with hotel right from arrival in hotel – allocation of rooms, Breakfast & other meals as per plan guest are booked.
His next duty will be to co-ordinate with transport arrangement to take the tourist or group of tourist for the tour.
Since India is a one of the most ancient civilization in the world. The built of civilization come from various things -
Mythology: Some people use to take this mythology as myths. This is not correct, myths may be correct & may not be. The facts of myths use to become mythology. In ancient years there were many intellectuals also known as SADHU, GURU, MAHATMA, GYANI all these were known as intellectuals. Their duties were pass the knowledge to a common men & it was difficult explain all logistics to them so these intellectuals said it is said in our holy books. This was most impressive way make them believe. They have done it to make the life better of common men.
Know, we want every thing with logics – WHY. We have many guides with a great knowledge who can help you to understand those mythologies in better way.
Astronomy & Astrology: Second most important factor is Astronomy. Since we are specialized in many faculty like Medicine, Computer, fashion world, cinema & much more. It is not possible to understand astronomy (will discuss astrology latter). But this is a fact we are aware with hi & low tide in sea, every one living near the sea or who have visited the sea shore some time in life. This all due to gravitational power of moon. Then many question come to mind which can be answered by a astrologer only.
This hi & low tide example was quoted because all these actions by stars & planets effects our daily life. The action of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo & mercury also use to affect our daily life.
There are many monuments in India for Astronomy – One of the most prominent is known as JANTR MANTRA at Jaipur. We have quite few guides who can explain or speak on this monuments for more then Six hour.
The steady of these stars & planets are consolidated in our rich astronomy books.
Traditions & life style – How the traditions come in to life & haw they be comes life style. Since most of the countries do not have large variations in their weather conditions like India.
A small brief of Indian weather conditions – On top northern Part is Kashmir where one can witness snow & ice for more then eight months, they are having their traditions & life style according to that condition. Come down little down towards south a huge plain ground flat, good for agriculture so here the life style is different.
Further down towards south is central part of India which has direct sun light it is on the line of cancer Maximum temperature during summer goes up to 45 degree Celsius. Obviously the life style would different from rest of country.
Now let come to south India – Surrounded by sea, lovely beaches all around, good moderate weather.
One has to understand what they should wear in that particular part of country.
(I have my own experience, my agency were having one guest from Mumbai & it was third week of Dec & temperature was 4 degree Celsius. No sooner guest landed & came out from aircraft they were shivering & they immediately requested us to them to some woolen garment shop to buy warm cloths. If this guest would have taken the information from local guide they would have not faced this situation.)
History: The rich history starts from Long back B.C. In recent pat MUGHALS took the power from local people & India also got learned many things them. Music, cuisines, Architects & many more things made Indian culture more rich. Followed my British, these people added many more things in our culture.
Now recent democratic system is one of the riches in the world, having great & one of the biggest constitution in the world.
These were just some reasons to take services of a GUIDE / ESCORT in India
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